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Home Observing Gheen’s ALIPAC tea baggers in Snead Alabama.

Observing Gheen’s ALIPAC tea baggers in Snead Alabama.

Published on 11/14/2009 by

This sign greeted us as we arrived at the expected location in Snead Alabama for one of Gheen's Tea Bagger parties.

This sign greeted us as we arrived at the expected location in Snead Alabama for one of Gheen's Tea Bagger parties.

The voice of reason and the forces of truth and righteousness descended on the small Town of Snead Alabama, this afternoon to take a look at one of ALIPAC’s Tea Parties Against Amnesty.

Yours truly was in to observe the promised Tea Party Against Amnesty. We arrived at about 1640 in Snead, a small All American community about 40 west of Gadsden.

We looked for and found the location of the protest, the Jet Pep fuel stop and convenience store, right where we knew it would be. What we didn’t see were any protesters. Almost an hour into their scheduled time of 1600-1800.

The event organizer, James Snyder had this to say in promoting the event.

We plan to have a variety of speakers,one of them a legal alien,I will be giving information on how to contact your congressman and show interest in your country.We will have people standing on the street to garner support.And just having a great time in fellowship with like minded people

Keep that in mind as you read on.

The parking lot was empty, save for a couple of families holding a garage sale. I got out, walked inside but not before noticing a sign in the window:

ALIPAC Tea Party – Moved to Snead Park – 4 to 6 pm behind Police station

Could it be that the turnout was so big that it would interfere with this business located at a main intersection in this small town? Hard to believe, but possible. So I walked inside to get a bottle of Lipton Tea and inquire.

Behind the counter was a cute little blonde haired country girl. Beautiful smile and the friendliest of attitudes.

I asked her;

“Weren’t you supposed to have a bunch of protesters again illegal aliens here today”

She started laughing and replied, “You’re the third one in here today asking about that”. And she went on to explain they had moved their “event” to the city park on the edge of town.

Thinking perhaps there had been a big turnout, I asked her why it had been moved.

She replied. “Because when corporate (Jet Pep Petroleum) found out that this type of event was planning to be held on their property, and that the manager of this place, a legal immigrant from Pakistan had been promoting the event, they put a stop to it.”

She went on to say, “And I’m glad. We don’t appreciate those types of people in our town”.

We continued talking for a few minutes about illegal immigration and the rally, along with customers who came and went. Once again, this sweet little thing offered; “And you know what? The organizer of this event is a CONVICTED FELON, which is another reason management didn’t want him on the property.”

She described the ALIPAC organizer as a man with long dirty blonde hair with a scraggly beard, who had been pestering her and her husband, and others, to donate to ALIPAC, to fight the scourge of the “dirty Mexicans.”

I also spoke with a recent immigrant from Russia, who told me that the only problem she with the illegals, is they didn’t come in the “right way”. She said it took her 3 years and $15,000.00 to come here legally. I’m assuming as a Russian mail order bride.

I can understand her position. It is something you frequently hear from immigrants from around the world who are fortunate enough to survive the bureaucracy and obtain a “green card”. I went on to explain that what she went through is nothing compared to a Mexican citizen wanting something as simple as a laser visa, to cross the border and shop.

We had a nice conversation and parted on friendly terms, although neither of our opinions were changed.

I followed the directions given me to the city park, which sits about a mile down the road, behind the police station and found it right where they said it would be. Sitting about 300 feet from the highway.

I’d expected to see a group of ALICRAPPERS standing along the highway waving their signs and making fools out of themselves, but there was nothing there.

Instead, under a pavilion, with an American flag nailed haphazardly from a roof beam of the structure, sat of stood, maybe a half dozen men. The expressions on their faces and their body language suggested they were wondering why they were wasting a beautiful Saturday afternoon in that place instead of fishing. All looked bored to tears, I guess, waiting for the six o’clock hour, so they could blow the place.

I didn’t stop. I generally don’t associate with convicted felons. They’re not my type of people. Instead, I drove past, turned around, drove past again, turned around and drove past for the final time.

A waste of my time? Not really. I was in the area. I did meet and talk to some wonderful people there though. Good Christian salt of the earth Americans. The true Patriots of this country. Family, God and Country come first in their lives, as it should be. As many told me, illegal immigration is Washington’s problem. It doesn’t effect their lives.

Some claimed to know some illegals. A couple admitted to have illegals from Mexico married to family members and without exception, described them as some of the nicest, sweetest people they knew. I concur as that has been my experience.

I went away from Snead Alabama, richer for the experience and for having new acquaintances and I will return for another visit soon.

It also further affirmed my faith that the American people, the day to day hard working Americans will support some form of immigration reform. The 80% or “super majority” of Americans that Willy Gheen claim are opposed to immigration reform, do not exist, except in biased polls where only 1000 Americans are polled. They are not the American majority.

And with people like the ALIPAC organizer, the convicted felon, who dotes on William Gheens every word, being the face of the opposition and spreading his hatred to whoever will listen, the pro-migrant faction of this country will see success.

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5 Responses

  1. Advocate

    Thanks Denise.

    We will get immigration reform. People like ALIPAC and Willy Gheen are yesterdays news.

    As I travel around the country and talk to people, the overwhelming majority have no problem with the illegals, although, like myself, they want some semblance of control over the situation.

    And the majority of American's are good god fearing people. Concerned about Family, God and Country, as it should be.

  2. Denise Lugo

    What an awesome article! It's a breath of fresh air to hear that there are still decent people out there, such as the gal behind the counter!!!

    I too, have family members currently married to illegal immigrants (who have been here for more than a decade)… and they have no option other than uprooting their entire families and moving to a foreign country to apply legally. Even if they chose to do that, they couldn't afford the thousands of dollars it would take to apply.

    My husband was also an illegal immigrant. An incredible man, husband, father, neighbor, etc. He's ALWAYS paid taxes, never been to jail, never committed a crime, he's an IDEAL citizen. Fortunately, we were able to get him legalized prior to Bush's new laws becoming effective, however many others weren't so lucky.

    We need to get immigration reform that works… without tearing families apart. Reading stories like this gives me hope that one day we will!!

  3. Advocate

    Thanks Dee, it's about what I expected. A lot of chest pounding from Whining Willy Gheen, followed by utter and abysmal failure.

    The story of his life!

  4. Dee


    Good Reporting.

    The same thing happened in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Only 34 people showed up!

    It was NOTHING!!

    So much for Willie's "organizing!"

  5. Advocate

    Hey! Wait a damned minute! Where in the hell was the "legal alien"!

    I feel cheated!!!