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ALIPAC and William Gheen Exposed

Published on 05/21/2010 by
DIGGERS REALM is now calling for a BOYCOTT of ALIPAC. William Gheen can't seem to keep friends these days

Dan "Digger" Amato of DiggersRealm, exposes ex bud William Gheen of ALIPAC. Watch your wallet Digger!!!

For several years now, Immigration Clearinghouse has been diligently working to expose the hypocrisy and fraud of ALIPAC and it’s president, William Gheen, and with some success.

Now, comes an expose’ from the extreme right that validates every single thing we’ve ever said about William Gheen and ALIPAC.

Dan “Digger” Amato, publisher of DIGGERS REALM, a website about as far to the right as you can get, and a former friend of William Gheen, lays out the events surrounding the dissension of the rallies planned for next month in Phoenix. It’s quite a story, and despite our ideological differences, I sense the man is telling the truth.

You can read it for yourself at DIGGERS REALM. It’s quite lengthy but reveals who the real William Gheen is. An egotistical jackass who wants to be the center of attention, in control of everything and lives to see his name in the news.

Well William, we’re going to continue to give you the exposure you so desperately crave, although not in the manner you’ll appreciate.

Prefacing his comments, DIGGER has this to say:

At this point there have been at least three attempts to sabotage the June 5 rally, they have all come from inside the movement and have all come from one group and one individual. William Gheen, President of ALIPAC…….

I have been at the center of all that has happened and know the full story from start to finish. Both Gheen and Smeriglio were on the phone with me constantly and via email during all of these proceedings. I know both of them well having worked with them on numerous occasions and have spoken with them for countless hours prior to the events that occurred below…….

Digger goes on to lay out the beginnings of their efforts in Arizona and the efforts of Dan Smeriglio to get the ball rolling. He also references Willy Gheen’s silly little “press releases” numerous times to prove his point and truthfulness of the events.


In this first chapter of Diggers story, he confirms what I have said all along about William Gheen.

In the process one of the groups that Smeriglio contacted was ALIPAC, led by William Gheen, a group he had worked with in the past. ALIPAC had provided little to no funding of Smeriglio’s events and little support. Oh, but Mr. Gheen can talk let me tell you. The only thing Gheen can do better than talk is take credit for other people’s work. Soon the event was a joint operation, with ALIPAC an equal, though having done little.

Classic Willy, as we’ve pointed out many times. Digger continues:

According to phone calls I had with Gheen later, this is about the time when Gheen wanted to start changing things. June 5th was out and June 12th was in. Gheen insisted that June 12 was too early. I am not at all sure what Gheen was doing behind the scenes, but it appears that he was working with a few Tea Party groups and others to set up the June 12th event – of which ALIPAC would be the lead sponsor. This would give them prominence nationally and gain them much in membership, donations and bragging rights (of which Gheen cares tremendously). Now if Gheen could just find a way to ensure it moved to June 12th from June 5th… he’d really have to hustle on things though.

Digger goes on to debunk other claims Gheen has made such as ALIPAC’s claim of defeating previous “amnesty” bills and singlehandedly pushing through legislation in Georgia which they had no hand in.

On May 4, 2010 ALIPAC put out a release that it was responsible for bringing SB1070 legislation to 12 other states. This is a common “Modus Operandi” of ALIPAC over the years, to claim that they were the lead or sole reason in the passing, introduction or defeating of legislation. They did it with the ultimate defeat of amnesty years ago, making it seem in their releases that they had a larger role to play than they actually did.

Another example, ALIPAC has made claims that they have been behind the sponsoring and passing of legislation in Georgia when I know for an absolute fact that they played little to no part, because I know the individual personally who fought day after day at getting legislation pushed through in Georgia.

And it goes on to discuss Willy’s attempts to muscle in and take credit for others work.

Now we go to the next chapter titled,

I particularly like the title of this chapter. Since William Gheen has this annoying habit of calling everyone who does not agree with him a “traitor”. Everyone from the President down to the man on the street. I’m still laughing my ass off as I read this.

Digger goes on to recount the work being done in Pennsylvania to get the June 5th event up and running. And in the meantime, Gheen was hard at work trying to sabotage the effort.

There were things going on behind the scenes. ALIPAC was calling all of the speakers and leaders of groups and trying to get them to abandon the June 5th rally and move to the 12th. Why?

Rather than setting up the 12th to be a successful rally Gheen showed no signs of knowing how to organize one. In fact Gheen has never organized a successful rally in all of ALIPACs existence. He has always “piggy-backed” on other’s rallies. And in this instance it showed.

Gheen has burned a lot of bridges in the past with his temper tantrums and obscene emails to anyone who dares to oppose him and Digger lays out his conversation with Gheen on the Arizona event.

I started hearing reports that Gheen was literally screaming at people over the phone. Some leaders had even hung up on him. Figuring that he could make June 5th distasteful, he started spreading around false rumors that Smeriglio had ties to Nazi’s and White Supremacists in order to get people to move to the 12th rally.

I was contacted by him and provided the “evidence”. I reviewed the “evidence” and found it ridiculous. I talked to Gheen and presented him my thoughts and told him he was ignorant for believing information that had been supplied by this pro-open borders group. I went over it with him point by point. At times he shouted at me and wouldn’t listen. Now remember, I’ve been working and helping this guy for years.

Finally he gave me a chance to speak, but then played the la-la-la game, with constant arrogant and huffy “yeah”s in there while I was speaking, totally ignoring what I was saying. The left-wing group that supplied him the “evidence” has been hounding Smeriglio for years trying to shut down his work in Pennsylvania because he is effective.

Gheen would hear none of it and yelled at me on the phone. He wouldn’t listen. He wanted me to abandon June 5th and move to the 12th and bring everyone with me that I could get. I refused. All the other leaders refused, but a handful.

After Willy “The Jabbering Jackass” Gheen’s tantrum with Digger, what else is there for Gheen to do but,


Yep, after Willy’s tantrum, can’t you see him stamping his feet, pounding his head against the wall, perhaps beating his wife in frustration, Willy pounds out another one of his famously sophomoric “press releases” which Digger provides in this chapter.

The press release caught all groups by surprise. Most of those listed had not confirmed and some had not even been contacted. Some leaders of the groups were livid. I don’t believe that any of the speakers had even consulted with Gheen, or if they had, they certainly had not given a 100% confirmation as they were already confirmed for the June 5th rally.

The publishing of this press release was an absolute sign that Gheen wanted full control of the event and top billing. The website is mentioned twice in the release, but none of the other groups are given any credit or links other than one link to ALIPAC. ALIPAC was also listed first in the sponsors.

Other groups sent out emails warning their followers of what was afoot. And many were not happy.

This one act by ALIPAC should condemn them as a group with no credibility and no loyalty to anyone but themselves. They attempted to sabotage any event happening in support of Arizona that they were not in charge of. The oddest thing is that it would not stop there. Plenty of people I know were talking to Gheen and telling him to knock it off.

No credibility and no loyalty to none but himself. You see folks, what I’ve been saying all along. And ALIPAC? Well, ALIPAC is nothing more than one man with a couple of hangers on. WILLIAM GHEEN is ALIPAC and ALIPAC is William Gheens vehicle to scam naive donors of their money and to massage his massive ego.

And what happens next is nothing less than an…


This is where Gheen goes ballistic on Dan Smeriglio, insinuating he was involved with the Neo Nazi’s and others. But as Digger points out, as did we, first, he needs some money.

Remember our post about Willy’s $10,000.00 weekend getaway?

But first there was more important work to do for Mr. Gheen. On May 14, 2010 ALIPAC made another press release. This time it wasn’t with the other groups for June 12th, it was solely from ALIPAC and the financial results would only be beneficial to ALIPAC……

The donation link in the press release goes solely to ALIPAC. One wonders what ALIPAC would have asked for had it actually gained control of the June 5th rally. $20,000.00, $30,000.00?….

Digger goes on to refute the other items in this press release, and does so rather well. Digger concludes with;

Gheen had already been shunned by the leaders working on June 5th, you think at this point that Gheen would refocus on the 12th and try to make it a success. The problem is that Gheen had no credibility with anyone in the movement at this point. Some he had burned with his recent actions, others had been burned in the past.

Gheen chose to take the low road once again, though telling others and probably himself, that he was simply doing it “for the movement”. He was hell-bent on destroying this young man who had asked nothing and organized a mass rally simply through sheer willpower. There was nothing Gheen or ALIPAC could gain from that.

There was one reason that Gheen went public with it, and in my opinion it wasn’t simply to sink the June 5th rally. It was an escape hatch Gheen created to pull ALIPAC out of the event they had failed to organize due to their incompetence.

And that is exactly what happened leaving Gheen HIGH AND DRY

Digger goes on to TRUMP, Gheen, beating him at his own game and giving us more insight into Gheen lack of character and common decency, to quote talk show host Ed Schultz.

You see to people like Gheen, I believe, those who do stuff for free are idiots because there is simply no money to be made in it. I have worked with Gheen on a number of occasions over the years promoting his releases and actions.

That statement alone supports what we reported Minuteman Project head Jim Gilchrist said about a conversation he had with Gheen back in 2007. “If there was no money in the immigration debate, he’d have nothing to do with it”.

Gheen continues on playing the BLAME GAME, where everything is everyone elses fault, including nativist former Rep.Tom Tancredo. But that is Gheens modus operandi.

Digger makes a final statement in regards to his expose of the real William Gheen and ALIPAC, which mirrors what we’ve been saying for years,

As I have made clear in this report, the only time, effort and energy Mr. William Gheen has made with these events is to try to take them over – and upon failing – to attempt to destroy them and all those who are putting them together and participating in them.

William Gheen has now left behind a empty shell of an event for June 12th. Some of the people in the organizations that were involved with him were not furious at this fast-talking salesman that is Gheen, no they were mad at the June 5th people. They seem to have – incredibly – believed Gheen’s lies.

There couldn’t be much more harm done to the Arizona rallies than that which has been done by William Gheen himself and his organization ALIPAC. The illegal aliens and their supporters could not have caused as much damage.

And for that there is no greater shame.

So there you have it folks. Straight from the mouth of the opposition. Someone who knows William Gheen and someone else who has been screwed over by Gheen.

We’re not going to wish Digger and his buddy Dan Smeriglio luck with his rally in Phoenix. The numbers will tell the story. Not polls nor rhetoric, but the numbers. The Pro Reform movement has shown how we can rally the people, the majority of them honest hard working Patriotic Americans that want to see our broken system fixed once and for all.

fortunately, most of the voices in the debate are centrist by nature. Yet some like Gheen and Digger and others yell the loudest and are heard more often, while the rest of us work quietly behind the scenes promoting real change and reform of this nations immigration laws.


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