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Home ALIPAC’s William Gheen refuses to share the hate!

ALIPAC’s William Gheen refuses to share the hate!

Published on 11/13/2009 by

s911_complete_moronThe perfect beginning to a Friday night, the eve of ALIPAC and William Gheen’s copycat version of the Tea Parties. Quit frankly, I damn near fell off the couch laughing.

It seems that former Ku Klux Klan Grand Poohbah, Congressman and Presidential hopeful David Duke along with the neo nazi racist organization STORMFRONT are trying to steal Gheen’s thunder.

Don’t worry Willy, there’s no shortage of hate or haters to manipulate.

In an ALIPAC Statement to David Duke and Stormfront, Gheen rants:

This message is addressed to Mr. David Duke and the Stormfront white nationalist community.
This message is being sent to you via open national release because in the past your organizations have posted our material and ignored our repeated written requests for you to remove our materials.

I am instructing you right now to remove the copyrighted information produced here at ALIPAC that you have mounted on your websites regarding our Tea Parties Against Amnesty and Illegal Immigration scheduled in 53 cities across America on November 14.

Our website says clearly that these events on Nov. 14 are for those who “share our non-violent and non-racist multi-ethnic and bipartisan support for secure borders and immigration enforcement.”

THAT CLEARLY EXCLUDES YOU, Mr. Duke, and you as well, Stormfront.

Many of our event organizers and attendees are black and Hispanic. They are welcome, but you are not. All event organizers are under instructions to remove any of your people, along with any La Raza, Brown Berets, MS-13, MALDEF, LULAC, & Stormfront people detected trying to stick your noses into these gatherings.

You are free to say and support what you want, just not at our expense.

The Tea Party, 9/12, and Immigration Enforcement movement is going to be very upset with both of you for trying to play the role of spoiler and for trying to force your way in on our events and force all of these Americans that are opposed to your positions into association with you.

I spent eight years of my life working in civil rights campaigns and working to elect minorities to public office and I am not going to have my good name forced into association with the likes of you.

How dare you do this to anyone? It is bad enough that Soros funded groups like the SPLC and ADL which go around falsely accusing good American men and women of being racists all the time and now you jerks do something like this?

David Duke and Stormfront, you are acting in the best interests of the SPLC, ADL and millions of illegal aliens at this very moment. It would not surprise me if those outfits had you guys on the payroll. You should ask them for a check, if you are not already receiving one for the service you are currently providing the illegal alien lobby by stealing our materials for your website.

Take our event materials down right now and get away from our events on November 14 or I swear before the nation I will do all in my power to file lawsuits against you for damages and redirect as much of my time from fighting against illegal immigration groups and direct my attentions to fighting you.

If you have not removed materials related to ALIPAC’s Tea Parties against Amnesty within a few short hours of this release, then we will launch new initiatives that show the public how your white nationalist outfits are assisting the SPLC and ADL in their efforts to malign any American standing up against illegal immigration as a racist.

I am personally appalled that you would attempt to damage and degrade our hard work to unify Americans of every race in the fight against illegal immigration. Furthermore, it is ludicrous that your websites now promote our Tea Parties when you have notoriously attacked me and ALIPAC for working with people that are Jewish, black, and Latino!

I have dedicated my life to trying to save the United States from enemies foreign and domestic, and if you continue to assist those who are flooding our nation with illegal aliens, then you are going on my list of those to fight.

Take our materials down NOW! Otherwise, you can place the name William Gheen and ALIPAC firmly on your worst enemies list for the rest of your lives.

All organizers and event attendees, please keep a careful eye out at our events, and if you detect any of these unwanted, intrusive, and illegal alien assisting Stormfronters or David Duke minions at our events, please notify the organizer who will ask the police to remove these racists from our midst.

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Director, Tea Parties Against Amnesty

I have to say, Willy’s feigned indignation is hilarious. Let’s take a look at the highlighted text of his little speech.

  1. As it refers to copyrighted information, one only has to take a look around Willy’s site at to see tens of thousands of copyright violation. The pot calling the kettle black? Methinks that be the case here!
  2. In the second section, Willy promises to remove anyone at “his” rallies who disagrees with him, violating their constitutional right to free speech and open assembly. A case of “Do as I say, not as I do”, it would seem so!
  3. The Tea Party Gang, the 9/12er’s and Immigration Enforcement movement are more than likely going to be more angry at Whining Willy for highjacking their ideas and trying to catch a ride on their coat tails.
  4. We all thought the past 8 years had been spent demonizing an entire nationality and attempting to portray the entire immigration debate as being the fault of Mexico and Mexicans. Reading the thousands of hateful and vitriolic posts on Willy’s forums would give one that impression
  5. Once again Willy shows his ignorance and obsession with organizations that have worked for more than 50 years to promote human and civil rights. Groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti Defamation League. Since these illustrious organizations portray Willy in a less than flattering light, he attacks them.
  6. This one gives one a good belly laugh. Protecting the US from enemies foreign and domestic? Trying to portray the Hispanic culture and Mexicans in general as parasites and invaders? No, Willy has been working for Willy, to fund the lifestyle he thinks he deserves!
  7. Yeah and he’ll sue! He’s made that threat before and always backed down. He won’t be their newest best friend any more but instead shall be their best worst enemy, for life. How childish and juvenile does all that sound.

Typical Willy Gheen propaganda!

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  4. FZN

    Stealing Gheen's thunder? C-mon Duke was the original minuteman organizing border patrols while Willy was still in diapers -- LOL!

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  6. Advocate

    How weird is this? Not an hour after Weird Willy Gheen posted this on his website, it disappeared…

    Think he had a change or heart, or suddenly realized how stupid and childish he sounded.