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Forensics experts conclude Pinal County “hero” Deputy Louie Puroll’s gunshot wound “self inflicted”

Published on 09/27/2010 by

It was right after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the draconian and now enjoined SB-1070, that a lone deputy, Louie Puroll was on a one man patrol in the Vekoll Valley, when in a series of dramatic radio exchanges, Puroll claims he encountered a group of AK-47 toting drug runners.

Back in May, when this fiasco first emerged, we covered it and made our own predictions in the following posts.

We’ve always contended the photos of the wound in Puroll’s side were problematic, showing not the grazing by a round from an AK-47, which would have tumbled on contact ripping away a sizable portion of the deputies side, but self inflicted, as in taking his .40 caliber service weapon in his right hand and discharging a round meant to graze and not injure.

Phoenix New Times investigative reporter Paul Rubin has uncovered new evidence that supports our claim of Puroll’s involvement in this fake scenario.

In his new article “Pinalcchio: Renowned Forensics Experts Say a Pinal County Deputy’s High-Profile Tale About Getting Shot After Encountering Drug Smugglers Doesn’t Add Up”, Rubin recount the history of this suspicious shooting and shares with us the conclusions of noted forensic experts who confirm what Immigration Clearinghouse and others have already concluded.

After all is said and done, the obvious conclusion is that the odds that Louie Puroll is telling the truth about what happened to him on April 30 are slim to none!

Here’s some key parts of the article
Retired Tucson Homicide Sergeant and Private Investigator Weaver Barkman has this to say about the evidence:

“Deputy Puroll’s claims and versions are not supported by the physical, anecdotal, and behavioral evidence that I have reviewed. Several claims are in direct conflict with the physical evidence. There is, in my view, insufficient evidence to establish probable cause that on the afternoon of Friday, April 30, 2010, any person or persons, other than Deputy Puroll, were present at or in the immediate vicinity of this shooting scene.”

Dr. Michael Baden, co-director of the New York State Police Medicolegal Investigation Unit and former chief medical examiner for New York City, analyzed police photographs of Puroll’s gunshot wound and concludes:

“I don’t see what the problem is in calling this a close-contact wound. I don’t know who did it, but the weapon was either touching this man or was within a couple of inches. It’s pretty straightforward. It clearly is not a shot from a distance.”

Dr. Werner Spitz, co-author of the textbook Medicolegal Investigation of Death and the retired chief medical examiner of Detroit’s Wayne County, agrees with Baden:

“This is a grazing wound fired at contact range.”

The forensics experts examined the evidence and concluded:

“There is black powder along the edges of the [wound], a furrow along the edges,” says Baden, who also is the chief forensics consultant to Fox News and, thereby, one of the more visible forensic pathologists in the nation.

“You just don’t see that in distance wounds. Also, the pink discoloration around the outside of the wound is from carbon monoxide that always shows up when a weapon is fired at close range.”

He adds, “If someone wants to cause a grazing wound, they can easily do that without fear of sustaining a more serious injury than this individual sustained.”

Di Maio says, “That looks to be a contact wound. It’s got all that suspicious red color, which is carbon monoxide and usually means contact, and [there is] all that black stuff around it, which gets you thinking it probably is soot from the contact wound.”

But he says he’s not comfortable with rendering a definitive opinion.

“The area around this superficial wound should be seared — the bullet came through at 1,400 degrees, you know — but I don’t see any soot or searing. It’s real complicated. Soot could have been wiped away from the wound, and we don’t know exactly at what point in treatment [of the injury] that the photos were taken. But I think that this case [would] be called on the T-shirt, not on the wound.”

This is an interesting, well researched article which shed more light on this inept investigation into Louie Purolls allegations, an investigation more focused on clearing their deputy than finding the truth. And of course, the Puroll case has helped the self serving media whores in Arizona, from Sheriff Babeu to Governor Brewer, ramp up their demands for more money and Federal assets on their border to fight a non existent “invasion”.

The entire article can be read here.



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