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Home Infighting continues leading up to June 5th as ALIPAC continues to implode

Infighting continues leading up to June 5th as ALIPAC continues to implode

Published on 05/25/2010 by

ALIPAC President William Gheen is getting the media exposure he craves, but not in a good way, as he continues his attacks against Dan Smeriglio and other promoters of the June 5th event in Phoenix.

As has been pointed out to me by colleagues, Dan Smeriglio, is not the innocent that Dan “Digger” Amato portrays him to be.

Dee at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American

After I read Digger’s post and his assertions that Gheen is an opportunist and a Liar and Smeriglio is a Saint, I just shook my head. Anyone who has followed the Immigration debate knows about Gheen. Most believe he is an opportunist and Lies and uses his group for his own agenda and fame. That’s a given. But I’ve also followed Smeriglio.

He is well known on the East Coast. His group, Voice of the People, were the faces of the East Coast protestors. It was their screaming, angry faces that stood on street corners with megaphones agitating the crowds during ANTI Immigration Reform rallies.

It was their faces that supported Mayor Barletta.

It was their faces that marched against the supporters of Luis Ramirez at the trial of his murderers. Smeriglio is loud and rowdy, not afraid to be in your face.

One of his best friends and frequent participants at his rallies is Steve Smith, a leader of the notorious Keystone State Skinheads(KSS). Plus the attendees of the rallies were members of the KSS. Many people pointed this out, but Smeriglio only laughed at them. But as more and more people found out about Smeriglio, they disassociated themselves with him, this included Mayor Barletta. Until finally, Smeriglio disbanded his Voice of the People group. This all, of course, is public knowledge and pretty well known out East.

The Keystone State Skinheads were even featured on the National Geographic Channel’s documentary “American Skinheads.” KSS has had several criminal charges against their members. KSS has also sponsored many “White Power” conferences in Pennsylvania. They have been designated a Racist Hate Group by the ADL. And they have close affiliations with the Hutaree militia.

Stephen Lemmons, the Feathered Bastard also takes up the cause and further exposes Gheen’s ties to the white supremacist movement.

Does it matter that one of William Gheen‘s Facebook buddies is a well-known Phoenix-area neo-Nazi, a neo-Nazi that likes to go out on “patrols” with wannabe stormtrooper J.T. Ready, totin’ assault rifles, searching for illegal aliens?

Normally, it wouldn’t, save for the fact that Gheen’s made such a big stink over the Facebook associations of one Dan Smeriglio, the organizer of a pro-SB1070 event June 5 at the Arizona state Capitol.

Because of these associations, Gheen very publicly pulled his North Carolina-basedALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) out of the June 5 hillbilly hootenanny, which features former Colorado congressman and nativist extremist Tom Tancredo as a speaker. Gheen tied Smeriglio to an avowed skinhead by the name of Steve Smith, based in part upon info derived from Smeriglio’s Facebook profile.

However, as Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman first noted online, Gheen has a neo-Nazi on his extensive “friends” list as well: Harry Hughes. Hughes, a resident of Maricopa, Arizona, doesn’t announce his National Socialism on his Facebook page, as far as I can tell, but he’s a frequent attendee of neo-Nazi demonstrations and has never hidden this fact.

Of his political views on Facebook, Hughes simply states, “You probably won’t like them.

Oddly, Hughes, despite his unsavory political beliefs, is generally a civil guy, perhaps the friendliest neo-Nazi in the Valley. In covering nativist demonstrations in Phoenix, I’ve run into him several times.

That said, his postings to his blogspot “Just another day…” can be quite disturbing, particularly a recent one where he and Mesa neo-Nazi J.T. Ready go on an “illegal immigrant patrol” in camouflage, armed with assault rifles.

The blog entry has some interesting pics and passages, including this one:

“Shortly after crossing the Pinal County line, we were pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy. We stated that we had weapons on board and the deputy told us to have a good night. The duration of this traffic stop was barely 30 seconds. This was probably the shortest traffic stop I ever witnessed. I think we were racially profiled and allowed to be on our way because we were white. I think they were looking for somebody, but not us.”

Hell, I feel safer already, don’t you?

Dennis Gilman, Arizona videographer and Pro Reform activist had this bit of advice for William Gheen, further confirming what we’ve already reported here.


Give me a break already! On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, I’ll give Harry Hughes an 8 and you the 10.

Here is why: At least when I talk with Harry or JT Ready I can expect the truth. They don’t hide or pretend to be something they aren’t. You do. This whole deal of you pulling out on June 5 is about money. You collected a bunch and have embezzled it. Admit it. You’ll get exposed sooner or later. It’s not your first time is it?

Its also interesting how comfortable you felt with the June 5 promoter Brandy Baron. She claims she got the speakers for the event (Arpaio, Pearce…her bud’s) She’s been doing most of the AZ organizing-not Smeriglio.

Nazis are easy to hate on. Grow a pair and attack all the hate in your group and you wont have a group left.

Are you OK with what she wants to do? She proudly claims she would like to “shoot every man, women and CHILD crossing that border” I made certain I didn’t take it out of context. I’ve asked her several times-she is proud of wanting to do that..”Babies included.”

She has been one of the main promoters of the June 5th event and you didn’t have a problem with her?

Do you also want to kill babies at the border?
Be honest. Brandy was.

Ask her yourself. She’s proud of it.

So as long as you are pretending you’re such a stand-up guy why don’t you come clean about the photoshop picture you promoted? Or better yet-How about that video?

Yup. ALIPAC got all the senile old loons thinking there was a new Mexican invasion taking place and they were planning a violent revolution…..WITH MOPS!

Sure. It was pretty lame and he didn’t say mops, he said “AXES” See, it was scare the hell out of any typical moron who believes in the Reconquesta…only with MOPS!
But William Gheen tried to spin it (and did successfully with over 100,000 really dumb people) How much money did you raise off of it?

The title he uses?” Illegals Threaten To Murder Americans With Axes and Shovels SB 1070″

Shame on ALIPAC. You are much lower then the Nazis. In fact the Nazis are too smart and honest for the fools that follow your kklan. You are the most un-American thieving scum in the anti-immigrant exploitation industry. Nazi’s are racists just like you-they just don’t pretend they are something they aren’t.

I’m watching you Billy. And you don’t even know when or where. If I were you I’d trust no one.

I personally can’t wait until you come to Arizona.

I also want to take the opportunity to give credit to a man who rarely receives it, my friend Naui, whos name I can’t pronounce, much less spell. Check his Channel out. . He has excellent videos that debunk all the claims of innocence of people like Gheen and his crowd.

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