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LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN – Conversations with Immigrant Families

Published on 03/01/2011 by

Listen To the Children - Elizabeth Conde-Frazier by Judsen PressAt a time when the immigration debate is raging, and elements of the nativist fringe in this country are doing their best to portray immigrants from Mexico and Central America as sub human criminals and worse, a book came across my desk that puts a human face on the unndocumented in this country. And it is a book both timely and very relevant to the times

LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN or ESCUCHEMOS A LOS NINOS is a book written by Elizabeth Conde-Frazier who is the Dean of Esperanza College of Eastern University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania who has been ministering to the needs of the Hispanic Community most of her life. She is intimately familiar with the trauma of transition that immigration brings to family split apart when one family member makes the difficult decision to take leave of their family in order to provide support so that the family can survive.

The book features conversations between family members such as when daddy decides it is for the good of the family to travel north to the United States to find work to support his family. How and when do you tell the children.

Other conversation reflect when a single parent finds it necessary to do the same and arranges for the children to be left in the care of aunts or grandparents. What do you tell the children and reassure the children that their parents are not simply abandoning them.

This book covers these issues and more. And it is especially relevant in these times when the debate is nasty and a very vocal minority are of the opinion, “Who gives a damned about the children or these invaders”.

Both warm and practical, it offers unique insight into the emotions and perceptions of these families making it a valuable resource for educators, caregivers, church leaders, legislators, social workers, and anyone interested in the future of this country.

For the rest, it would be a waste of your time. Fortunately, the ones I refer to are in a very distinct minority.

Judsen Press has been in business since 1824 and should be available from Amazon and from their website

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