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Home Neo Nazi JT Ready kidnaps 11 suspected illegal immigrants in Arizona desert

Neo Nazi JT Ready kidnaps 11 suspected illegal immigrants in Arizona desert

Published on 07/16/2010 by

JT Ready defending trailer park

Trailer Park Trash guarding the Trailer Park - Neo Nazi JT Ready and boyfriend defending their trailer park from the Mexican scourge

Neo Nazi JT Ready and sidekick Harry Hughes made another foray into the Arizona desert Wednesday where they encountered and kidnapped ( kidnapping being holding someone against their will) 11 suspected undocumented migrants.

Hughes recounts the adventure on his blog JUST ANOTHER DAY. To hear Hughes describe their little adventure, it was a “humanitarian effort”.

Apparently, they went into the desert prepared for a media circus as they conveniently “discovered” ski masks and burlap and rope contraptions they claim drug mules wear to haul their cargo. Ready and Hughs, as well as their friend Jan Brewer can’t get their stories straight apparently. The mules bring the drugs in backpacks, such as kids use for their school books, or so we’ve been told.

We were barely into our patrol when we noticed some suspicious objects along the road. We stopped to investigate and discovered several field improvised shoulder straps made of twine and burlap. Drug mules use these to carry heavy loads of marijuana on their backs. When they reach their destination, they are discarded. – Harry Hughes

Hmmm. their destination is the middle of the Sonoran desert? Strange.

Harry Hughes goes on to demonstrate his mental prowess by continuing his adventure.

Thirty minutes later, we observed a small group of Hispanic male subjects walking north in a wash. We stopped and they ran like rabbits through the brush. These guys were not crop pickers looking for a better life. They were obviously up to no good.

Further down the wash, we discovered more field improvised shoulder straps and several ski masks. Southern Arizona is not much of a ski area, so it’s quite possible, these masks were used for something less legal. I’m thinking home invasion or armed robbery. There’s certainly no need to keep your face warm when it’s 115 degrees outside.

Harry seems to have forgotten the home invasions are generally carried out by members of the Minutemen looking to fund their operations through terrorism and murder. ie: Shawna Forde.

They claimed to have come across 11 suspected illegals and being the “humanitarians they are, gave out 30 or 40 bottles of water to the immigrants. However, from the photos supplied by Ready and Hughes, it appears more like they are waterboarding one of the poor bastards instead of letting him drink himself.

So let’s recount the crimes JT Ready and Harry Hughs committed on this little adventure. They’re operating on Federal Land, The Sonoran Desert National Monument. The have detained against their will, 11 Mexican nationals, and it appears cuffed and stuffed them. Without any legal authority to do so? Seems like enough to put these gun toting lunatics in the can for a few years.

And according to photos posted on their FLICKER page, these “humanitarians” took the opportunity to destroy water carriers of the illegals they encounters, calling them “narco terrorists” These assholes are really ate up with the dumbass.
Following photos from JT Ready’s US Border Guards Adventure in the desert. Used without permission (as if we give a rat’s ass)

The FEATHERED BASTARD also contributed to the content of this report

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  1. Aim South

    Ummmm, Hitler? What do you know about Hitler? Hell yeah, Hitler sure made his country stronger…..Stronger than your screwed-up Mexico…..So, yeah, I sense some jealousy, Miss Garcia….Stay in your stupid country and make it BETTER than the U.S……I dare you to fight corruption in your drug-run country.

  2. I believe the US is Isabel Garcia's country and I sure hope she stays and continues the excellent work that she does.