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Illegal alien invasion supporters attack William Gheen for telling the truth about Dictator Barack Obama

Published on 08/27/2011 by

Alipac President William Gheen stood up to a host of illegal immigration invasion supporters that tried very hard to distort the meaning of what Gheen said on the Janet Mefferd radio show.

The prior owner of this site, Porter Monroe Corn, wrote “Every time Gheen is exposed for the spiteful little homophobic racist that he is, usually by his own words, he tries to shift the blame to everyone else. Fortunately, this time, Willy Gheen is ass deep in his own shit, and he forgot his waders.”

William took  issue over President Obama issuing to directives to the DHS to prioritize deportation proceedings and use limited DHS/ICE resources to target criminal aliens convicted of serious crimes. Gheen, whose favorite song is “Resistance” by MUSE thinks that every single undocumented immigrant in this country should be deported, especially if they come from a country to the south of our borders where most of America’s illegal aliens come from.  Only by deporting and getting most illegals to self deport can America ever establish the enforcement credibility necessary to stop the nation destroying flow of millions of illegal immigrants into our American homeland.

Obama has greatly exceeded his authority as President to issue this directive and it’s the wrong thing to do and harms American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters along with LEGAL immigrants that must now compete with Obama’s illegals that are being given work permits instead of being deported as current law states.

William Gheen leads America’s 3rd largest national organization fighting against illegal immigration and amnesty and has been credited by many with being the man that provided the successful strategies that defeated Comprehensive and Dream Act amnesty legislation in 2010.

William had to take some nasty heat from several lying left wing websites.  Here are some examples of their lies and vitriol!


When, exactly, do statements like these shift from protected speech to sedition? Wingnut William Gheen is from the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). ALIPAC claims to be a PAC formed to “address the disparity between the public’s desire for more control of illegal immigration and the actions of lawmakers.” It’s really a thinly-disguised hate group. In 2010 Dave Neiwert wrote about their dirty, lying efforts to lobby against the DREAM Act.


Now that Gheen is furiously backtracking from his comments, we thought it would be a good time to post another segment of his interview with Mefferd, in which he says that options beyond impeaching Obama to “remove him from office” must be on the table, adding that there is talk “about the military coming in or somebody just coming in taking this guy into some form of arrest.” Gheen also warns against marching in Washington D.C. because of the city’s black and Latino population’s support for Obama:

Here is what Gheen actually said during the interview….

Gheen: Once again this isn’t just Obama, this is a group of people, we’ve been reading about them for five or ten years now about how they plan to integrate the economies of North America and to do so in a way to do so that bypasses the legislatures, that’s been in all the materials that we’ve read and here it is in front of us. They’re integrating the workforce of North America and the populations of North America and they did just bypass the legislatures. The same cabal has such influence with the media and the Associated Press, I’ll give you example and I haven’t totally muttered this on the air before, right after Obama did this I got a call from an Associated Press writer out of Washington, D.C., she’s like ‘what’s your initial reaction’ and I said, ‘this is, Obama has just exceeded his constitutional authority and acted in a dictatorial manner which we believe removes all legitimacy for his presidency and that we’re gonna be calling on the Republican to remove this man from office as soon as possible.’

And I didn’t say just impeachment. I said remove him from office because some people are also leaning to the words ‘treason’ and talking about the military coming in or somebody just coming in taking this guy into some form of arrest if we’re doing this. I mean what do you do here? What does a nation do when this happens? We may have to try to have to gather in the streets and demand that Obama step down. But you know when you talk about doing that, you’re gonna gather in the streets of Washington D.C. which where Obama has a support rate of 88% of the blacks and Hispanics who live there.

Since so many left wing illegal alien invasion supporters were quick to try to distort William Gheen’s meaning on the Janet Medford show, ALIPAC put out this rebuttal to make sure that everyone is aware of Gheen and ALIPAC’s peaceful, political, and racially inclusive legacy that has been displayed online, at public speaking events, and during countless interviews with the American media…


William Gheen Issues Clarification on Comments about Violence and Illegal Acts

In the last 24 hours, numerous left wing bloggers and groups have attacked me for comments that I made on the Janet Mefferd radio show on Monday, August 22, 2011.

You can listen to the entire interview at this link and I encourage all to do so to gather a more proper context of my comments.

Janet Mefferd-8/22/2011-Hour 2-Janet Mefferd Radio Show … 0822-hr-2/

I have always been and remain dedicated to the peaceful political and civic processes to which I have dedicated my life in America. In the last seven years I have appeared on over 100 radio shows each year, been quoted in every major newspaper in the nation, and appeared on every major television network.

I would never jeopardize my reputation or my cause of securing America’s border by engaging in violent rhetoric or advocacy.

I should have been more specific about my comments and indicated that I was reporting the conditions Americans face at the hands of Obama. I should have spoken more like an attorney writing fine print, as I usually have to do.

I was asked what people should do now that Barack Obama has bypassed Congress and the US Constitution and instituted the Dream Act Amnesty via dictatorial decree.

I mentioned that some groups were looking into lawsuits and …

“We’re no longer referring to him as President Barack Obama, our national organization has made the decision and made the announcement we now refer to him as Dictator Barack Obama. That’s what he is. And basically at this point, if you’re looking for a peaceful political recourse, there really isn’t one that we can think of, and I’m really not sure what to tell people out there other than I guess they need to make decisions soon to just accept whatever comes next or some type of extra-political activities that I can’t really talk about because they’re all illegal and violent.”

I meant that I cannot talk about such things because my job has been to support political campaigns, lobby Congress, do media appearances, send emails, faxes, and educate the public about illegal immigration.

I have made it very clear that I disavow any form of violence on many occasions. I cannot delve into the options Barack Obama is forcing on Americans that are concerned about the illegal alien invasion of America.

Polls are showing 70-80% of Americans want our existing border and immigration laws enforced instead of any form of Amnesty, and Obama just deprived that super majority of Americans of any political recourse because voting for members of Congress or calling or writing them just became moot!

The only reason I even mentioned that people in America are being forced into a decision between submission or more revolutionary means is because that is the situation that is being created by Dictator Barack Obama, not me.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to get people to vote and engage in the political process. I’ve never started a physical fight, but I’ve finished a few in my time and I would never engage in violence against anyone for any reason other than to protect myself and my family from physical harm.

Tonight, several groups are trying to stir the left up against me and pretend that I have called for a violent uprising to bring down Obama. The Southern Poverty Lie Center has weighed in with an attack that contains 6-7 lies in the first two paragraphs alone.

Liberal Radio Show Host Alan Colmes has invited me on his show tonight but I doubt I will get fair treatment since his personal website named “Liberaland” and his page on the Fox Radio website claims, “William Gheen: Violent, Illegal Activities May Be Needed To Bring Down Obama.”

I never said that any violence was “needed,” and I certainly never put the words about anything violent towards Obama. I know clearly that is a violation of federal law.

But in the case of many of these supporters of Dictator Obama, they certainly don’t let the truth stop them from going after their enemies.

They must be very worried about me and what I have to say right now. In fact, they are hanging on every word and monitoring every show I do looking for something, anything they can twist.

They are very worried because my organization called Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is working very hard to spread the word about Dictator Barack Obama’s decision to bypass the Constitution, US Congress, and American public by instituting the Dream Act Amnesty for illegal aliens.

We are also informing people about Dictator Barack Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal where the Obama administration has been caught using the ATF, DEA, DOJ, FBI, and CIA and our stimulus tax dollars to buy thousands of assault rifles for the invading Mexican cartels that are smuggling cocaine, methamphetamine, and illegal aliens into America!

Yes, we are calling for Barack Obama to be impeached and yes, we are saying it is time for people to take to the streets in protest of this dictator’s actions.

I would sincerely hope that many out there on the left would rebuke these groups that are lying and twisting facts to try to make me, or the Tea Party, or any enemy of the Obama administration appear violent and racist.

I would also hope that Americans that are on the left would honor the Congress, elections, and US Constitution and rebuke Obama for acting like a dictator.

Perhaps they should only imagine a future President that is a Republican creating laws like a dictator when Congress had rejected such measures?

Isn’t this the time in history where we are all supposed to come together as Americans and agree that the rules must be followed or there is no point in anyone playing the game?

And when the game of politics, which is supposed to allow our citizens to resolve differences of opinion without physical conflicts, has been corrupted to such a degree that the game is rigged, are we not all going to suffer for that in one way or another?

Yes, I did mention that the Obama administration, in my opinion, is telegraphing a conflict with white America or white Americans. I say this in response to the recent Homeland Security video being played across the nation titled, “See Something, Say Something,” where almost all of the suspected terrorists are white and all of the people calling the police are minorities.

This video, combined with earlier leaked documents showing Homeland Security demonizing the Tea Party, veterans, ham radio operators, and people that like 80′s movies as potential domestic terrorists, shows a clear pattern of our own government demonizing tens of millions of our own citizens!

One of the things I’ve considered lately is possibly announcing that I am ending efforts to influence elections or Congress because I feel that such measures will not be enough to change the course of America.

The news coming in from states west of the Mississippi about large numbers of illegal aliens voting in elections without any efforts to stop them or prosecute them for mass numbers of election fraud felonies is damaging confidence in the entire elections process.

If illegal alien voters saved Harry Reid and several other US Senate seats for the Democrats then the current US Senate is illegitimate!

And nobody in Congress stopped illegal aliens from being used in the Census data to apportion Congressional districts. So illegal aliens are stealing political clout by merely being here in the first place.

With illegal aliens already voting in large numbers and with the plan we clearly see before us being to turn millions of them into legitimized voters, then what peaceful and political hope do we have for any future border or immigration enforcement in America?

Those responsible for this well organized invasion and betrayal of the American citizenry know the answer to that…. NONE!

The American public has played the Republic for which our flag game correctly, honorably, and peacefully. We have voted for members of Congress, they have debated legislation, and they have passed our existing immigration laws that were then signed by a President.

Currently, under Bush and now Obama those laws have been thrown down and declared moot by men acting more as dictators than Presidents, and we find ourselves invaded and besieged from within the borders of our own nation.

I have often said on the air on talk radio shows and in personal conversation that if there is ever another violent revolution in America, I can have nothing to do with it.

I know how much intense scrutiny and hatred is placed upon me for standing up for what is right and for speaking out for the Americans that want our laws enforced.

I am no coward, and I will die for what I believe if I must, but I will never advocate nor join nor support any violent actions outside of personal self defense because I am committed to the path of peace and nonviolence.

I will walk right into the heart of Washington, DC, and confront this dictator unarmed and unafraid with full confidence in my Lord and I will walk as a sheep among wolves.

I do not believe that the forces that at are destroying America can be vanquished with the force or arms. I believe this is a spiritual conflict.

I believe that only through divine Providence will God save the United States of America.

I am greatly saddened that anyone would place Americans in positions to chose between submission and violent revolt, but I am not the one creating that horrible situation, and I consider both options to be deplorable.

My comments on the radio show were merely meant to reflect what I see Americans who are paying close attention to these issues see facing them.

I hope and I pray that God will find a way for Americans to be able to conrol our Government’s policies once again, and that a majority of us will not have to sit and watch the US Government defy the will of the American majority on wars, budgets, debt limits, border security, and many other issues on a regular basis.


William Gheen
Americans For Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
FEC ID: C00405878


It appears that William Gheen has hit the nail on the head again and that his comments contain some powerful truths that have set the invasion supporters on fire against him.  From the intensity of the reaction from the top George Soros funded groups with multi million dollar budgets that are swiping at little ole William, it appears he has struck a nerve once again.  God help us all if this intense reaction is because these groups really are planning for eventual mass racial violence in America.



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  1. Anonymous

    That’s why all the members of ALIPAC are big shots on their web site but wont come out to defend any of their lies. Those bigots actually deny being members or hide when exposed and confronted as being members because they use the same name on other websites. What cowards. Come out and defend your leader and your lies since you wont let anyone in.