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Home Questions arise about murder of Arizona rancher and alleged “assault” of Pinal County Deputy

Questions arise about murder of Arizona rancher and alleged “assault” of Pinal County Deputy

Published on 05/05/2010 by
Pinal Deputy Louie Puroll

Pinal County Deputy Louie "Rambo" Puroll

To what lengths will the anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican extremist faction go to in order to push their agenda in Arizona? Apparently, they have no limits nor common decency.

My friend Dee Perez-Scott at ITWMA is reporting on new developments in the murder of Rancher Robert Krentz and the alleged “assault” on Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll. These developments mirror our musings in the posting we made here on May 1st, titled STRANGE HAPPENINGS IN THE ARIZONA DESERT As it was with Shawna Forde, it appears we may have been right on target with these two latest incidents.

Words can’t describe the disgust one should feel if the death, or better yet, the assassination of Rancher Robert Krentz, by all accounts, a good man, in every sense of the word, was orchestrated by those determined to see Senator Russell Pearce’s draconian bill, SB-1070, passed by any means. These are question we brought up last week and now the main stream press is following up on.

1. Arizona Daily Star reported: The killing of a Southern Arizona rancher that sparked an outcry to secure the border was not random, and investigators are focusing on a suspect IN the United States. High-ranking government officials with credible information spoke to the Star, citing a desire to QUELL the FURY over illegal immigration and drug smuggling set off by the shooting death of longtime rancher Robert Krentz on March 27. They said Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever is investigating a person in the United States, not in Mexico, in connection with the shooting.
2. AZ Central reports: Carol Capas, a spokesman for the Cochise County Sheriff’s department said, “detectives have no leads on a suspect – not even the person’s nationality or gender. “The information that we have is still the same as what we released early on,” she added. “The investigation is active and ongoing.”

And remember folks, we have elements of the old MCDC that former head Carmen Mercer put out a call to “come to the border, locked and loaded”, running around the border
hunting Mexicans. And Bill Davis’s Cochise County Militia actively recruiting members with “confirmed kills” to come and secure the border?

Bottom line is, undocumented migrants crossing our southern border do not come into this country armed with 9mm pistols, the weapon Krentz was killed with.

We go now to the alleged “assault” on Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll, who says he encountered a group of 5 men, on foot, smuggling bales of marijuana. “Hero” Puroll, defying all odds and rational thinking, shot it out with these bandits, with his service weapon in one hand and an AR-15 in the other. Against men armed with AK-47′s? Rambo move over! There’s a new “shuruff” in town. With all the lead flying, and odds of 5 against one, Deputy Louie sustained a small flesh wound from a 47 round.AK-47

We’ll let Dee Perez-Scott pick it up from here:

The Arizona National Guard said reports that one of its helicopters came under fire during Friday’s search-and-rescue operation were not correct. A helicopter assigned to the state’s Joint Counter Narco-Terrorism Task Force diverted from its mission on Friday after hearing radio calls to help Puroll and was first to locate the deputy. At that point, a clipboard or other metal object within the aircraft apparently fell to the floor, causing a clattering noise. Crew members were at first unclear about the source of the noise and put out an alert that there might be gunfire in the area. During a debriefing, Castillo said, the crew realized the falling clipboard caused the confusion. Villar said the clarification never reached Sheriff Paul Babeu, who told the media of a helicopter coming under fire during news briefings.

So much for the anti’s hysteria that one of our ANG choppers came under fire from these “smugglers” Dee goes on to report;

Today, said: Despite capturing 17 illegal immigrants during a two-day sweep of a 10-square-mile stretch of desert near Stanfield, 20 miles south of Maricopa, five suspects in the Friday shooting of a Pinal County deputy remain at large, according to Pinal County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lt. Tamatha Villar.
Villar claimed three of the suspects the sheriff’s department picked up were key witnesses in the investigation. Villar claimed one of the shooters is a light-skinned Mexican male, with a Sinaloan accent (central could he recognize the accent so specifically while under fire????) who was wearing a green-brown, army fatigue-type long-sleeve shirt, tan-colored pants, ball-cap style hat and black hiking boots.

The other suspect is a darker-skinned Mexican male last wearing a grey long-sleeve “hoodie” sweatshirt, green-colored pants and black-and-white tennis shoes. The only information available on the other three is that they were longer-haired Hispanics. (All these clothes, outside, in 100+ temperatures, in the middle of the desert, no vehicle, carrying 5 bales of MJ, assault weapons and rounds of ammo. And they got away after a 2 day search. Wow!)

The shooting occurred late Friday afternoon around 5 p.m. when Deputy Louie Puroll, 53, was patrolling the area near Interstate 8 and came across a stash of marijuana bales and five suspected smugglers. A firefight between the deputy and suspects ensued with at least 30 shots being exchanged, Villar said. At one point, the deputy discarded his pistol because it either ran out of bullets or jammed and began to fire with his tactical rifle. (Phoenix New Times article indicates no bullets found; no AK-47)

During the fight, the deputy was hit in the back, the bullet ripping out a sizable piece of flesh (AZ Republic said flesh wound on left side; out of hospital same night). Puroll used his phone to call for help, setting off a frantic hour-long multi-agency search for the deputy in the remote desert, Villar said. Hundreds of both federal and state law enforcement officers, including those from Maricopa Police Department, took part in a two-day search for the suspects. Villar said Puroll was treated and released from the hospital, and he is home doing well.
Phoenix New Times is reporting about a dozen current and former local cops in the last few days (most of them initiated the contact), when mentioning Purcoll’s highly publicized (and highly charged) incident near the intersection of Interstate 8 and Arizona Route 84 last Friday afternoon, every last one of them brought up the name Franklin Brown. (a previous Phoenix cop that staged a crime for his own purposes)

Dee goes on to say. and I agree, because I don’t believe in coincidences;

“You can see that the coincidences are mounting up, all surrounding the passage of racial profiling bill SB1070. Incidents like this are meant to instill FEAR in Arizonians in hopes they will support the racial profiling SB1070.”

ABC15, a Phoenix area station is now reporting authorities are looking for 6 men in the shooting and gives a few other details.

And it gets mo’ stranger by the moment. It seems that Deputy Louie is as highly trained as convicted felons and former Border Patrol officers Ramos & Compean. Can’t hit the broad side of a barn, as they say in the hills of Tennessee.

At a news conference Tuesday night, county Sheriff Paul Babeu said his staff was “still trying to connect the dots” after 53-year-old deputy Louie Puroll was wounded while on patrol in the desert south of Phoenix last Friday evening.

Babeu says Puroll fired 46 rounds in a shootout with a group of drug smugglers after the veteran deputy came across a stash of marijuana bales near Interstate 8.

Puroll was treated and released for two superficial wounds at a Casa Grande hospital and authorities released pictures of the wounds Tuesday.

Authorities say 17 undocumented immigrants were arrested during a search for suspects after Friday’s shooting.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Lt. Tamatha Villar said Saturday morning that three of those in custody matched the description given by Puroll to investigators at the scene.

They were questioned but weren’t believed to have been the actual shooters, Villar said.

Babeu says Puroll believes he wounded one of the drug smugglers, but a massive search has not turned up any of the suspects that Puroll described.


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