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Shawna Forde Murders Are Not Representative of Americans Fighting Illegal Immigration

Published on 10/25/2012 by

Shawna Ford and her equally psychotic accomplice Jason Bush are on death row after being convicted of the murders of Raul “Junior” Flores and his nine year old daughter Brisenia Flores.

The patriotic Americans that are concerned about illegal immigration and border security are eager to see justice served for Shawna Ford and Jason Bush along with their Hispanic accomplice Gaxiola.

Regardless of politics, everyone’s prayers should go out to the friends and family members of these victims.  But unfortunately there are many supporters of the illegal alien invasion of America that are mainly interested in Shawna Forde, Jason “Gunny” Bush, Albert Gaxiola, Raul and Brisenia Flores for their political value smearing the Minutemen groups and the entire national Border Security movement.

The crimes that have been committed in this case are horrific and deplorable to all people regardless of politics, race, gender, or nationality.  But the crimes are being made worse due to the exploitation of the crimes by political groups that are making the false claim that Shawna Forde is representative of any American that opposes illegal immigration.

This is simply not true and while the Shawna Forde case stands as the lone example of anyone involved in the movement to stop illegal immigration into America committing the crime of murder, thousands of Americans continue to be killed each year by illegal immigrants that commit crimes on American soil due to the non enforcement of our existing immigration laws.

While there is no excuse or justification for the greed motivated murders conducted by Shawna Forde, the American populace has been incredibly reserved and non violent in reaction to illegal immigration considering the thousands of atrocities committed against American citizens by illegals each year, the murders, the rapes, the assaults, the drug addictions promoted to our children, the millions of lost jobs, the billions of dollars worth of stolen taxpayer resources, etc…

The only people responsible for the murders of Brisenia Flores and her father are Shawna Forde, Jason Bush, and Robert Gaxiola.  The only people that share political responsibility for their associations with Shawna Forde are those that continued to support and interact with her long after other activists and groups put out warnings about her fake rape and assault claims and pictures.

Jim Gilchrist of the defamed and defunct Minuteman Project and his right hand man Steve Eichler did continue to support and encourage Shawna Forde long after many other groups and leaders saw serious warning signs.   Glenn Spencer of American Patrol allowed Shawna Forde on his property even as the swat team closed in to arrest her and charge her with the murders.  So yes, there are political groups that should have stayed away from Shawna Forde.

But this effort to blame an entire movement and millions of Americans for these murders carried out by psychopaths is another form of abuse and disgusting behavior.

Many Americans in groups fighting illegal immigration want to see justice served and Shawna Forde and Jason Bush executed for both their crimes of murder and the damage they have cause other Americans that are fighting illegal immigration in peaceful and civic ways.

Patriotic Americans do not want people like the Flores family murdered nor do they want thousands of Americans killed by illegal aliens each year.

The groups and activists, including the prior owner of this website Porter Monroe Corn, are only interested in the Shawna Forde murders due to their value as political propaganda and have illustrated they are willing to ignore or support the illegal alien murders of Americans.
On one side of the illegal immigration debate you have American patriots concerned about this one murder scene and thousands of other murder scenes.  On the other side, you have illegal alien invasion supporters only concerned with what they think they can gain politically from the murder conducted by Shawna Forde.

In truth, the murders of Brisenia Flores and her father Junior Flores and the murders of thousands of Americans each year by illegal aliens could have been all been prevented if America’s existing border and immigration laws were adequately enforced as other nations enforce their laws.


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  1. Dolmance

    To suggest that the reason people are horrified by Shawna Forde’s murder of a little girl and her father is for achieving political advantage, is both insulting and quite inaccurate. Further, there is nothing wrong, indeed it is important for people to point out, that the anti immigration movement, of which Shawna Forde was a member in good standing before she was arrested, is top heavy with long time White Nationalists and assorted neo Nazis. And though the members of this movement might be running for the hills as fast as they can from Shawna Forde, it doesn’t take much Net research to see who her friends before these murders, which includes Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer, all the way to the lowest of the lowlifes that comprise this “movement.”

    Yes, Shawna Forde was a member of the “lunatic fringe.” However, all the people I’ve seen and heard who are involved in this movement, particularly in Arizona, are lunatics and fringe people too.