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Home The Manifesto of Shawna Forde – Hunting Mexicans on the border

The Manifesto of Shawna Forde – Hunting Mexicans on the border

Published on 02/24/2009 by

Booze & Guns!

Booze & Guns!

Shawna “Shwanochio” Forde has spoken and all we can say is we hope Sgt Goetz of the Everett Police Department gets her off the street before someone is killed.

The latest from the warped mind of Shawna Forde, felon, liar, prostitute and world class nut job:

This e-mail is making the rounds to her supposed allies. Misspellings in bold:

As we are dealing with the the most horrendous economic collapse of our country
and struggle with daily decision’s over basic needs, Illegal aliens our
collecting our benefits and closing down our medical centers. Taking our jobs
and our childrens education and demanding from us more, more and more!!

Our Borders are not secured and now with civil unrest in Mexico that leaves our
Americans along the southern border unprotected to await assault at any given
moment and a flood of illegals at any given moment and the daily threat brought
on by drug cartel.

Let me state very clearly to all:

I will not be taken off our objective or the goal of all pissed off Americans
wich is to secure these borders and deport every man, woman, child that is a
illegal alien and blaze a path toward those who aide and abet these foreign
invaders to further destroy this great nation that is my oath!!

You can beat me, rape me, stab me, shoot me, shoot my husband, kick my cat

HOLD MY PAST AGAINST ME, slander me, gossip, blog, report put me in public
square stripe me naked and cast stones while I bleed from head to toe.

I will stay the course and lead in this fight with every once of strength and
conviction I have I will not waist it on matters that do not pertain to this
very mission.

It is time for Americans to lock and load.

The M.A.D Project is teaming up recon missions starting in April all level 4
security clearance go to designated site for base camp and operation SOP.


Border operation’s will also be back in full affect effective March 21st.

This is up to every American to fight for the future of this country you can
not sit back and expect the government to solve this. it will take everyone to
get involved and to assist our local law enforcement, and border patrol agents.

It is a enormous project to defend America But were M.A.D as hell and not
going to take it anymore.

Knock me down as much as you want I will get up every time and stronger for
the fall.

See you at the border
Semper Fi
Shawna Forde
M.A.D Project

I wonder if Jim Gilchrist will continue to support this loose cannon in light of this manifesto? If so, that would further destroy his credibility and that of his group, which is to observe and report without confrontation.

I think it is time for all “True Patriotic American’s” to report this tramps intentions to the appropriate authorities. Nut jobs such as this could start and international incident which we don’t need at this time in our history.

But on the other hand, with luck, and assuming the Everett Police Department do their job, she won’t be doing anyone any harm from the county jail.

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One Response

  1. Laura Ollis

    She's a psycho. I'd rather read her obituary, than another story about her anywhere near the border. Hopefully someone will 'lock & load' on her ass.