5 Powerful Features of Text Message Flyers for Realtors

As you may have heard, the use of text messages to advertise business and engage prospective customers is at the base of a very steep incline. The use of SMS marketing is set to balloon over 2,700% over the next four years. Just as the Internet changed the way a Realtor markets a home and looks to gain prospective clients, mobile marketing, and specifically, Mobile marketing is going to change the landscape again.

There are 5 Key Reasons Why Text Marketing for Real Estate is Beneficial.

1. It is a 24/7 marketing tool. Once you set up the easy system it markets for you automatically, even while you relax.

2. It is easy. You simply complete a few fill in the blank sections on the website and the system runs on its own

3. It provides Fabulous information. You can only include 160 characters in an SMS text message, but if you can insert a short URL into the message the user can click the link in a smart phone and open up the full MLS listing. You will never have to touch a flyer box again!

4. It is inexpensive. Compared to the cost of printing, reprinting and stocking flyers, Text flyers are very wallet-friendly.

5. It builds your database. When someone takes a paper flyer (or two, or three) from the box, you have no clue who they were. You could go through hundreds of flyers and never have any idea of who was looking at your house.

With digital Mobile flyers for real estate you capture the cell phone number of the person requesting the information, and if the system has a mini-CRM built into it, you can send automatic, triggered responses directly back to the prospective buyer.

Just as the Internet changed the way real estate transactions occur, text message and mobile marketing is going to change the landscape again. Even if you aren’t a big user of texting, your prospective clients are, so you need to change with the ever changing technological environment.

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