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How Immigration System Works

In recent days, the most circulating topic in world news is immigration. Everything related to immigration is under discussion whether it be the impact of immigration or the moral angle of denying immigrants entry and much more. In literal terms, immigration is referred to the process of individuals moving from their native country to another country of choice to become its permanent residents. Some areas welcome immigrants but for most, it is a highly debated controversial issue.

The United States is one such example. Even though it is mostly a migrant nation itself, new immigrants are not welcomed. The topic of concern is how this system actually works which have legal sanction but is being stigmatized for some time now.

The immigration process is initiated by applying for an immigrant visa. The first step is the same for everyone regardless of the immigrant’s background, or country of origin. Now, visas may be of different types. Some are student visas for students who wish to study in the desired country. Others include temporary work visas, tourist visas, and the like. But these are all nonimmigrant visas.

To specifically move from a native country to the desired country, one has to apply for an immigrant visa for permanent residence. This application is submitted to the consulate of the desired country in one’s native country. The next step after processing the application is an interview of the applicant with embassy officials. This interview is important as the interviewer has the authority to determine whether to grant a visa or not. Numerous questions on background, and further plans are asked. Upon the satisfaction of the interviewer, the visa is granted.

Having a visa doesn’t mean one can enter the country. It only means one can travel to the country but will be granted entry into the country only upon completion of the immigration process. The immigration inspectors of airports/seas ports decide whether to let the visa holder enter the country to send him back.

Types of Immigrant Visas

Immigrant visas can be of different types and it is important to decide which type to apply for as per your particulars. This can all be very confusing so taking the help of an immigration lawyer is common.

Employment Immigration

This is one of the most common types. This involves employers sponsoring employees to bring them into the country. Gulf countries mostly work on the same employer-employee immigration lines. This involves the Department of Labor/Work Ministry and once the employee is in the country, he can apply for permanent residence.

Immigration through Investment

Every country fixes a specific number of investor visas for individuals who want to invest in any commercial endeavor in the desired country which will produce jobs. The business also comes under this category. The amount of investment that makes one eligible for an investor visa varies from country to country.


Permanent citizens of a country can apply for an immigrant visa for their relative in their native country. most countries have a set number of visas that they grant under this category per year. The selection involves many factors like preference is given to unmarried adult children et cetera.

Other ways include asylum, illegal immigration, and refugees. It is always advised to seek immigration through proper legal channels to avoid any unfortunate troubles.

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