Family-based Green Card

How to Apply for a Family-based Green Card?

Spending time apart from your family can be difficult for you and them. Whether it is your parents, spouse, siblings, or children, everyone wants to spend quality time and make their relationships stronger as time grows. However, when you live in a foreign land and are trying to build a better lifestyle for yourself and your family, it can be challenging to manage everything. The best way to provide security to your family in the US is to apply for a family-based green card so your entire clan can live together for as long as you wish to.

Staying in the US as a permanent resident has many benefits, like increased opportunities, quality education, advanced healthcare, etc. Hence, to ensure you and your family can have a secure future, contact a Family-Based Immigration Lawyer and start the application process for your family-based green card.

How to apply for a family-based green card

File an I-130 petition

The -130 petition can either be filled out online or offline. You must head to the official website, create a USCIS account, and fill in all the necessary details and documents. If you want a convenient way to receive all the alerts and updates about your application, it is best to prefer the online method for filing your petition.

This petition is the initial step in applying for your family-based green car in America. Once you register your petition application, the authorities will review and process it. If your I-130 petition is approved, they will issue a receipt which is your token, to begin the further process of permanent residency.

However, the waiting time for approval can be several months, so be patient. Due to the covid 19 pandemic, there has also been a significant rise in the application, affecting the wait time to extend more than usual.

Priority date

The priority date is nothing but your status in the visa application waiting line. Depending on your priority date, your visa application will be ranked on the list, and the USCIS will receive any further updates. You can check them by heading to the official website where you created your account.

Once your petition is approved, your priority date will be sent to the registered petitioner id when it makes it to the official list. Now you have to wait until your priority date changes its status to current so you can apply for an immigrant visa or adjustment status. In simple words, the current status of your priority date means that you are at the top of the waiting line and a family-based green card is finally available for you.

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