Manage Your Homeowners Association

How to Effectively Manage Your Homeowners Association?


Homeowners Associations, or HOAs, are very common in many communities, both residential and commercial properties. A gilbert az hoa management is an association of homeowners who have voluntarily joined together to create guidelines and rules that are legally binding to all members of the community, including property owners, residents, and businesses. While this might sound like unnecessary overhead, HOAs actually serve a number of very important functions that benefit both the residents and the property owners. This article will discuss some of the positive attributes of HOA management.

Get Educated

You will want to make sure you have a firm understanding of the HOA’s governing documents, which are the rules for how your HOA is managed. With this knowledge in hand, set up meetings with key stakeholders in your association – those who live within it and provide essential services such as trash removal and community events. Listen carefully to their concerns, prioritize them and then organize them by topic. The plan that emerges from these conversations should serve as a roadmap for what needs changing in your association.

Consider Both Sides

Managing a homeowners association is not an easy task. Luckily, the HOA Manager has many resources to make the job a little easier. They have county and state rules they must follow, templates they can use when creating documents such as bylaws and covenants, and management tools like a sign-in sheet to keep track of what tasks need to be completed by whom.

Attend Meetings and Network

It is very important that you attend all homeowners association meetings. These meetings will help the board learn about what is happening in your community and it will be easier for you to voice any concerns or questions that may arise. Attending homeowners association meetings will help your voice get heard. If a meeting comes up and you are unable to attend, try speaking with a board member beforehand.


If you take these suggestions into consideration, you can rest assured that you are doing all that is necessary to keep your homeowner’s association running smoothly. However, every community has a different set of needs and management styles. Before jumping into any major changes, make sure that they will be the best for your community. Remember: the goal is progress, not perfection! Hope this was helpful!

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