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Selling Tips from A Real Estate Pro – Get Maximum Value for Your Home

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Before each showing of your home to potential buyers, it is important to make a good first impression. Be sure your front entry has a sparkling door knocker and door knobs, and that front door and porch are clean and free of clutter.

Once inside your home should smell inviting so bake the quick and easy break and bake cookies or brownies, or put a drop of vanilla on the top of a light bulb for a welcome aroma. You can make the home seem more inviting by installing higher-wattage light bulbs and opening all the window treatments to let the light flood your home.

Buyers want to visualize themselves and their lifestyle in their new home, so to make your house more neutral, please distance yourself emotionally. This means putting away all family photos, awards, etc that are specific to your family. Also removing excess clutter by renting a storage unit or having a garage sale will make your home appear larger and more inviting.

You may want to host an open house while you still have furniture in your home, so buyers can visualize furniture placement with the layout and space available. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to disclose any past or potential issues that may affect the value and continued desirability of your advertised property. Real estate law varies from state to state, and some require you to reveal everything from a leak in the faucet to a neighbor who may be a nuisance. Be sure you are aware of the disclosure laws for your area.

As an additional incentive to attract an offer on your home, you might consider offering a one-year warranty to the new buyer. This often gives them the peace of mind to proceed with buying your home. When a potential buyer starts looking for a property, they look online first. A recent survey shows that 82% start with an internet search, due to the comfort and convenience. Only 12 % find the home of their dreams in a newspaper ad. It is important to let people know your home is for sale!

Many buyers prefer a video tour or virtual tour to eliminate the homes that won’t fit their needs, and to save their valuable time. Don’t appear too anxious or a potential buyer may think they can get a steal! Did you know surveys taken by the National Association of Realtors prove that most buyers seek out a sale by owner when they are looking for a bargain, and automatically offer 10 percent under the seller’s asking price? Don’t offer too much information about your needs and plans- a buyer could use that information to justify a low offer.

A good marketing plan is essential to selling your home. Find a dedicated professional in Real Estate that knows how to stage your home to sell. Better agents offer advice on furniture placement and redesign of your home to maximize the chances of a quick and profitable sale. With each inquiry on your home, your chance of selling it soon increases.

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