Real Estate in Spain

What Attracts Real Estate in Barcelona?

The demand for real estate, which has subsided during the crisis, still cannot be exterminated, because everyone needs housing. The question is already of secondary importance, what kind of housing is it and where is it located. Poor Muscovites will go into debt, resorting to mortgages in order to acquire real estate in this city or within the Moscow Ring Road. But it is much more reasonable to invest the same funds, even less, in overseas real estate, especially in many countries there are no problems with the purchase of housing by non-residents.

Take real estate in Spain, for example. There are more than enough offers on the market, choose what you want and buy. Houses in Barcelona will be considered a very interesting investment for a considerable time now. Own real estate in Barcelona is primarily of interest to those who often come here for work or rest here.

A certain percentage of people consider real estate abroad not only as a full-fledged housing, but also as a place where you can make good money by renting it out. I would like to note right away that this is not typical for Barcelona. No, real estate here, of course, can be rented, but the profitability from it is too low (about 4% percent). Therefore, if the purchase of real estate in Barcelona pursues exclusively economic benefits, this idea should be abandoned. It is much more profitable to buy an apartment in London or Paris.

If the rental income is secondary, you can begin to study the available offers. If you rent out your home, there will be clients in any case, this is Spain. The good news in this case is that both long-term and short-term rentals are popular. For those who want to squeeze the maximum out of renting their own real estate in Barcelona, ​​we can recommend renting out an apartment and, of course, offering it during Christmas and New Years (prices double).

Profitability aside and face-to-face, real estate in Barcelona is interesting for a lot of people right now. This interest is due to its low price. Compared to 2007 prices, current prices have decreased by 25-35%. Those. the house, for which they used to ask for a lot of money, can now be bought at an attractive price. Over the next few years, Spanish property prices will remain at the same low level. Therefore, if you have always dreamed of having your own house on the seashore, it is time to realize this dream. Owning your own real estate in Barcelona is much more profitable than a house on the Black Sea coast of Russia or Ukraine.

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